Cookie Problem On Clean OS install

Fresh install of Win 10 1909 64 and brave ( worked great until it didn’t on a nice custom machine ). No tweaking, extensions, bla bla bla on the OS or browser. Did this as last resort because I got tired of getting nagged to death by google on youtube, mail, amazon, etc. Well, it still has the issue.

Shutting off cross cookie blocking fixes the issue. So, I think the algorithm is detecting cross site cookies when authenticating to the actual site. Turning this off makes all the sites work again. Turning it on starts breaking things.

Please try to resolve the issue because this behavior makes the browser annoying to say the least ( every time I got amazon I have to do two forms of authentication.) Turning the safety features off then begs the question why use this browser . Not alone on this issue as well, many threads on this issue ( usually people with gmail or google because those guys love tracking people ).

Also, I highly recommend having offline installers available, I could not find them. This is very helpful if we know there is something broken with a specific version ( kind of an apple move lol ).

Bugs aside, great work on the project and hopefully you guys will get to the bottom of this!

PS your password criteria ( min 10 char ) causes people to have unique passwords for unique criteria which means writing them down and making them useless for the very function they serve. If you are worried about security, lock people out after three attempts. High entropy requirements on passwords results in people writing them down on a paper and storing them in a desk drawer.


This is because the cookies allow the website you’re authenticating into to verify that it’s you and store the information related to your profile. You’re essentially trying to login to something, and then telling the site that its not allowed to store or retrieve the information that you need once you login.

We have offline (“standalone”)installers you can find here:

Apologies but, password for what?

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