Cookie notice not blocked

On iPhone using Brave Version 1.45.1 (

Hi @Saoiray

I’m seeing the same issue. After enabling block scripts the pop-up notice doesn’t appear.
Is this the same for you? I’ll bring this up to our iOS team.

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@SaltyBanana Yeah, it goes away when block scripts. So that’s an option.

Btw, I’m shocked to see you active today. I thought all of you would get Thanksgiving off! In any case, Happy Thanksgiving!

(Off-topic question. Do you know/remember what year the backup phrase for Rewards stopped? Also, if anyone still had old one, it can’t be used now, right? Or should it be? Asking as trying to think about this topic)

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Happy Thanksgiving :turkey:

I will inquire about that but it might take a while for an answer due to the holidays. For now I will tag @chriscat if they are online to best answer that.

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Last time I checked the cookie consent message would break embedded if hidden on eurogamer. the embedded twitter isn’t properly displaying

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