Cookie management changed recently

brave://settings/content/cookies - This no longer leads anywhere

These help page show options that seem to have been removed. How do I block all cookies except for a list of sites? The only options are for 3rd party cookies now.

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Second this
I posted the same issue yesterday


Thanks, your post got some helpful replies.

This is really a big problem on certain sites including FedEx. It affects both the Windows and Linux versions and, as many likely know, any browser based on Chromium. As others have dome as described in other threads on this subject, I have done the usual things including a complete clearing of the cache and turning off Brave Shields of the affected websites. Nothing works. It seems to me that this change in Chromium really hit those of us that were highly particular about what cookies we allowed and that something now hidden is left behind that cannot be adjusted in the settings to regain access. As my main example, FedEx claims, “We are having trouble establishing a connection.” Yet, Firefox and Waterfox have no such issue. Something, somewhere went wrong after this big change in Chromium. It would make me very sad but, if this is not cleared up, I’ll end up using Brave for nothing but going to YouTube because this has made it otherwise unusable for many other sites requiring a login.

I’ll bump this one time to see if anybody has an possible solution. It has been brought up elsewhere in these forums but I have never seen a thread with an actual resolution.

Bump as well. I noticed a reply in New cookies management on Brave beta about removing redundant features. I think the change honestly does more harm than good. A lot of websites these days have auth subdomains, so its not as simple as just “using the shields button” as you dont ever get to actually see the site that the cookies are blocked on. My only workaround currently is changing the global default, travelling to the site, allowing cookies, and then changing it back, but that is a nightmare compared to manually adding a wildcard to the list of sites

All I want is to allow the cookies that keep me logged in, and block the rest. That’s mainly what we’re all trying to do here right? They should focus on making that easy.

Someone answered in places like below, where it was marked as resolved:

The direct path to get there is brave://settings/content/siteData which is the same thing. It just changed terminology

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