Cookie issue on specific sites

Suddenly, I can’t login to Centurylink webmail with Brave. Get:
“Please enable third-party cookies in your browser and try again.”
Even lowering shields entirely makes no difference. Updated Brave, turned tablet off and on, no joy. It works fine on win8 desktop.

When I attempted to register here, I got part way through the process, and I couldn’t complete it because it told me that I needed cookies enabled, even after I lowered shields. Had to complete registration via Firefox. I cannot login to this site at all using Brave, I’m here via Firefox. Attempting to login, even with shields lowered produces the message at the top of the login box of, “Your browser seems to have cookies disabled. You might not be able to log in without enabling them first.”

To reproduce

  1. go to “
  2. Try registering at this site.

Is there some setting I’m missing or will it need a bug fix within the browser?

Brave 1.31 Chromium 76.0.3809.132

Azus Zen running Android 7.0;P00A Build/NRD90M

I also “cleared browsing data”.

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