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In the previous Brave versions at brave://settings/cookies there were more options. Now there are only two options: enable third-party cookies or disable them.
In there previous versions there was an option to disable all cookies. And I used that, because I was able to add manually sites which can always use cookies. So it was a handy way to browsing the net without thousands of unnecessary cookies. But at the moment this is not an available option.

So I want to ask, if there’s any other option in Brave to only enable cookies from specific websites?

That is covered with forgetful browsing now, it deletes not just cookies, but all other data, too.

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Indeed, but there is also Site and Shields Settings > Additional content settings > On-device site data > Customized behaviors > Add (your site)

@carnechome see also this post

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Woah, thank you! I think it’s even better that this feature is separate from the cookie settings. I just don’t understand why it’s so hided.
Thank you!

Is this better or worse than enabling forgetful browsing? Would it be beneficial to have both options enabled?

Honestly, I can’t say as I haven’t been using Brave for quite some time. Mostly been using Firefox. :smile:

I do, at least until I’m more certain about how everything works in Brave.

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@tl345 Please see this post:
New cookies management on Brave beta

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