Cookie consent is not blocked

@fanboynz here is another one on

<div class="CookieNotice__CookieWrapper-sc-1bfkjna-0 cXonmB" style="opacity: 1; bottom: 10px; display: block;"><div height="auto" class="Grid-sc-1cft7mk-0 gkXFVj"><div height="1" class="Cell-sc-jz56hp-0 czCGtY"><span font-size="15" font-weight="400" class="Text-sc-ymmj4w-0 Qrdxf"><div class="Box-sc-u6r7lq-0 lcPbiB">We use cookies to deliver our services.</div><div class="Box-sc-u6r7lq-0 fnQRnn">By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies as described in our<!-- --> <a class="Link__WrappedGatsbyLink-sc-1xbeavq-1 iTGYyJ" href="/privacy-policy/">Privacy Policy</a>.</div></span></div><div height="1" class="Cell-sc-jz56hp-0 QOTEu"><button role="button" class="Button-sc-11l9ngv-0 flWrrA">I Agree</button></div></div></div>
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Here is another one.

<div role="group" data-gnav-region="GlobalPrivacyControlBanner" class="gnav-header-1wzp83k e1bz9lzn1"><div class="gnav-header-1bef2td e1bz9lzn0"><div class="gnav-header-13zsqwc e1bz9lzn2"><div class="gnav-header-s8uciv ekqvxqv3"><svg xmlns="" focusable="false" role="img" fill="currentColor" viewBox="0 0 24 24" aria-hidden="true" class="gnav-header-1xqhio eac13zx0"><path fill-rule="evenodd" d="M12 22c5.523 0 10-4.477 10-10S17.523 2 12 2 2 6.477 2 12s4.477 10 10 10zM11 7.25a.25.25 0 01.25-.25h1.5a.25.25 0 01.25.25v1.5a.25.25 0 01-.25.25h-1.5a.25.25 0 01-.25-.25v-1.5zm0 4a.25.25 0 01.25-.25h1.5a.25.25 0 01.25.25v5.5a.25.25 0 01-.25.25h-1.5a.25.25 0 01-.25-.25v-5.5z" clip-rule="evenodd"></path></svg></div><div class="gnav-header-ises7q ekqvxqv0"><div class="gnav-header-186b6is ekqvxqv2"><div class="gnav-header-tohg6x eu4oa1w0">We have detected that you have the global privacy control (GPC) signal enabled. Please click <div class="gnav-header-6a7dnp eu4oa1w0">Privacy settings</div> to exercise your privacy rights.<div class="gnav-header-1t8xess eu4oa1w0">If you wish to continue using Indeed without updating your privacy settings at this time, you may close this banner at any time.</div></div></div><div class="gnav-header-guts77 ekqvxqv1"><button data-gnav-element-name="GlobalPrivacyControlBannerButton" class="gnav-header-kifxq0 e8ju0x51"><span>Privacy settings</span></button></div></div></div><button aria-label="Dismiss Banner" data-gnav-element-name="GlobalPrivacyControlBannerClose" class="gnav-header-4npplu e8ju0x51"><svg xmlns="" focusable="false" role="img" fill="currentColor" viewBox="0 0 24 24" aria-hidden="true" class="gnav-header-1xqhio eac13zx0"><path d="M4.575 18.01a.5.5 0 000 .707l.708.708a.5.5 0 00.707 0l6.01-6.01 6.01 6.01a.5.5 0 00.707 0l.707-.707a.5.5 0 000-.708L13.414 12l6.01-6.01a.5.5 0 000-.707l-.706-.708a.5.5 0 00-.707 0L12 10.586l-6.01-6.01a.5.5 0 00-.708 0l-.707.707a.5.5 0 000 .707l6.01 6.01-6.01 6.01z"></path></svg></button></div></div>

I don’t think this feature is being advertised correctly and is misleading.
Sounds like a manual effort than an actual integration in the browser.

This is because some sites would break if this feature is used when on them.

so why advertise it then as the “cookie consent” blocker?

I have been using it in brave for 7-8 months and before in UBO and it does what it advertises on 99% sites I come across.

On small sites or newly developed sites, users might see a cookie pop-up but eventually it is also blocked.

From brave://adblock also UBO annoyance list and Fanboy social list.

Because it’s blocking the cookie consent from occurring. Of course, there’s no way to do this 100% without breaking sites. So when people find sites that aren’t having them blocked, it has to be reported and adjusted.

Admittedly, they don’t seem to have built as strong a list for the filter as they should have before it was open to everyone, but it’s being improved through user feedback. In a way, this is more efficient for those who can be patient and contribute to the list such as you’ve done here.

Its list based, and it evolves over time. new cookie consents are added, fixes land daily. Not every consent can be fixed, but covering 95% cookie messages is no easy feat.

How does it compare?

fair enough. are you ok with me reporting anything that i run across or would that be an annoyance?

Sure, report issues or anything.

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