Cookie consent is not blocked

The cookie consent blocking is not working in the latest release as claimed by brave team.
How can this issue be reproduced?

1.Go to a career page like R1
2. you should see the cookie consent banner at the top
3.Screenshot as below:

Expected result:

Not to see the banner.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.45.116 Chromium: 107.0.5304.91 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

Windows 10.

@Mattches @steeven @fanboynz can you please look into this. Thanks.

Tagging fanboynz will be good.

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Sure. Just did, thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Thank you for reaching out. I’ve forward this information to the appropriate team members to review. I’m also considering and trying to get an official place/form to report where cookie consent forms are still appearing when they shouldn’t.

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I actually was on Twitter. I saw this post from Brave’s official handle, this might help understand why for some, it’s still not working.

As usual, they have shitty communication.

Giving me a blank page when I visit the site @TDK

@TDK Question I have that nobody seems to have asked yet: Did you enable the feature?

When I first updated to it, I was asked if I wanted the feature enabled and I had to hit Yes. I’m not sure if that changed. Otherwise I know they say you need to go to Filters in your Adblock settings and make sure you have either Fanboy Annoyances List or Easylist-Cookie List - Filter Obtrusive Cookie Notices checked and active.

I say OR because I believe @fanboynz said if you have Fanboy Annoyances List active, then it will automatically block the cookie notices too, so no need to have both.

Settings - Content Filters - Brave 11_1_2022 16_29_40

So question is, if you go to brave://settings/shields/filters, do you have either of them active?

Might require an account, i think.

i didn’t get the ask for enabling the feature.

i just enabled that list.

Wait, I take that back. I just showed where I have Fanboy Annoyances List active but not Easylist. Then when I just navigated there, I saw what you saw when I clicked the link.

That’s using Nightly, version 1.47.36. Let me try to toy with things a bit here and see if any particular changes help.

If someone can post a screenshot (right click inspect) of the cookie item. It’ll help

Careers - Brave 11_1_2022 16_37_00

This what you’re looking for or need something else @fanboynz?

is this mechanism to just block the CSS/HTML???

how is this going to stop them from pushing the cookie?

@TDK Check out topic where was discussed a bit and links provided. "Tired of cookie consent notices?" = no consent?

Short answer is with Shields active, Brave blocks cookies by default, only allowing necessary 1st party cookies. If you blocked all cookies, you’d break sites and not be able to do much of anything.

i see, so this popup is just a residue.


Pretty much. I do need to elaborate on one thing a bit more when I say default. Like I said, it’s in general. Just keep in mind you are able to “whitelist” cookies for websites and all. SO if you add it to Always Allow Cookies then it will override it and they can add.

You can see websites you’ve enabled cookies for at brave://settings/cookies, as well as sites you’ve chosen NOT to allow.

If you turn off Shields on a site, it will usually put that site on “always allowed.” In order to remove it, you’ll have to go back to that site and activate Shields on it (via the lion icon thing on the address bar) or you have to Block in the options on hamburger menu (three dots) on the website. I just actually had to do that for https://[*.] as not sure where that came from. Best way to avoid that is not to turn off Shields on websites. (I do that for helping people with troubleshooting sometimes, so can get stuck with those things)

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And FYI, in case you might get confused with it like I did in the past. The Github shown by @fanboynz is just them recording the issue and having it slated to be fixed. Not sure how long it will take, but often within 24 hours it should roll out I think.