Converting many people over to Brave

I am writing a guide titled: The Ultimate Guide to Kratky Method Hydroponics. It’s designed to teach anyone/everyone how to easily grow food via this specific beginner-friendly method. This guide will be seen by thousands of people, all over the world and some of them won’t be very ‘technologically literate’. On top of that, some of the things people need for hydroponics can only be used online.

Q: What’s the easiest way to have these people download Brave browser and have it convert all their saved passwords/data from Chrome over to Brave?

The goal is to have them download Brave and Honey ( because I consider this to be the smart way to do online shopping

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All the deals are actually to make you think you can miss low price and buy something, that usually you do not even need. Sure we are consumer society, spending money on things we are fine without. No need of such tools for a clever guys.

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