Conversion of BTC to BAT not completing


The conversion of my BTC to BAT is taking forever to complete.


I turned the Brave Payments off, restarted the browser and turned it ON again. That fixed the issue for me.



What version of Brave are you on? Can you please make sure you’re on latest, which is 0.19.95?



I am using 0.19.95. I turned payments off, restarted the browser and turned payments on, to no avail. One observation: every time I turn payments back on, the browser notifies me my monthly payment has been processed, while those three colored balls keep bouncing.



What is your operating system?



I am running Linux Mint.



Can you please do the following:

  1. Make sure Brave is closed.
  2. Open a terminal.
  3. Copy/paste this in the terminal: LEDGER_VERBOSE=true brave
  4. Hit enter, Brave will open.
  5. After a few minutes (max 5mins), you can close Brave.
  6. Copy/paste the text from the terminal into a private message to me.




Could you also private message me your BTC recovery keys and approximate balance?



Also 0.19.95, still converting - though I don’t think that’s the actual issue here.

Strange things I noticed: when open ‘Payments’ via the side menu, it shows me the settings page for like half a second, then moves to ‘converting’. Another strange (and slightly unpleasant) finding is that my monthly was 5, now suddenly turns to 25 USD per 31-10.

LEDGER_VERBOSE gives me this (some lines removed):

Error: unrecognized flag --icu_case_mapping
Try --help for options
IOVARendererID property not found
An uncaught exception occurred in the main process Uncaught Exception:
undefined: undefined
Waiting 60 seconds for process to load
Client is not initialized, will try again
2017-11-20 10:18:39.227 Brave[27523:421809] *** WARNING: Textured window <AtomNSWindow: 
0x7fef00bc14f0> is getting an implicitly transparent titlebar. This will break when linking against newer SDKs. Use NSWindow's -titlebarAppearsTransparent=YES instead.
ledger client is currently busy; transition will be retried shortly (this was attempt 1)
[27523:775:1120/101843.132885:ERROR:CONSOLE(51771)] "(node) warning: possible EventEmitter memory leak detected. %d listeners added. Use emitter.setMaxListeners() to increase limit.", source: chrome://brave/Applications/ (51771)
[27523:775:1120/101843.133067:ERROR:CONSOLE(51771)] "(node) warning: possible EventEmitter memory leak detected. %d listeners added. Use emitter.setMaxListeners() to increase limit.", source: chrome://brave/Applications/ (51771)

The ledger process seems to be confused somehow. I didn’t see a 2nd attempt at first, but a restart of the browser now does show another attempt.


Hi @lordqrypto

Some questions:

  1. Did you have a BTC wallet prior to converting?
  2. If so, do you have the recovery keys for your BTC wallet/approx balance?
  3. If not, did you get a chance to save your BAT wallet recovery words? (some users experienced a successful conversion of the wallet and then in a later build saw the animation again - not sure if this is your case)



Hi Lauren,
Yes: I had a previous BTC wallet. Alas, I seem to have mislaid my recovery keys. I know… super sloppy.

I haven’t seen BAT recovery words, as the conversion started and isn’t finished yet, they weren’t there before.


@lordqrypto - what’s your OS? I can give you some steps to try and resolve this.



Hi @LaurenWags,
it’s Mac OSX High Sierra, 10.13.1.



Hi @lordqrypto

Without your previous recovery keys there’s no way to check the balance of that wallet and confirm it did or did not transition to BAT. With that in mind, I do have some steps we can try to get you a fresh (empty) BAT wallet and I have provided them below. Note, these steps (as written) are only for MacOS. Different steps would be needed for other operating systems.

Here are the steps:

  1. Close Brave.
  2. Navigate to ~/Library/Application Support
  3. Make a copy of your brave folder (you can call it whatever you want, this is just a precaution)
  4. Open up a terminal
  5. Copy/paste this into the terminal and hit enter: mkdir ~/brave-ledger-backup
  6. Then copy/paste this into the terminal and hit enter: mv ~/Library/Application\ Support/brave/ledger* ~/brave-ledger-backup
  7. Then copy/paste this into the terminal and hit enter: LEDGER_VERBOSE=true /Applications/
  8. Then Brave will open.
  9. You will see information being displayed in the terminal, I’d say let this run for 5-10 minutes (this is when your BAT wallet is being created - you may or may not see the animation at this point)
  10. Close/Reopen Brave (either manually or you can use the command in step 7)
  11. You should be able to go to about:preferences#payments and no longer see the animation. As an extra check, you can open Add Funds and verify you see addresses/QR codes when you click on each of the crypto currency buttons.

Just some explanations if you’re interested: in step 5 we’re creating a place to put your current ledger files. In step 6 we’re moving your current ledger files. In step 7-9 we’re forcing new ledger files to be created. Also, in step 3 we made a backup of your current profile (browsing history if applicable, bookmarks, etc) in case anything goes wrong while trying this.

Also note, in step 9 I have you using the LEDGER_VERBOSE=true again, this is in case we see errors (503 errors are normal for now).

Let me know if you have any questions.


BAT auto-conversion in progress for days now

Hi @LaurenWags!
This indeed (recreating the ledger files) fixed it for me :smiley:

For anyone wanting to try it too: step 7 is maybe unclear. Do this:


In Lauren’s text formatting is looks like 1 line but it is actually 2.

Thanks again @LaurenWags!


One additional note: I willingly and knowingly signed up for BETA testing this functionality, so I knew the risk of potentially losing any funds. No worries here for me.


Thanks for the update @lordqrypto and the clarification on my steps, appreciate it.

For any other users who have the recovery keys for their previous BTC wallet and are still having issues, just private message me and reference this thread. I’m happy to help.

Additionally, if you need steps for a different OS, please reach out as well, I can provide them.


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