Control your music videos and more. Where do I alter the configuration of this "feature"

When selecting certain videos on youtube I sometimes get a little music icon on the top right of the browser. When I navigate to a new part of the site this feature appears to launch into a mini player and continue playing the content.

Maybe some users enjoy this feature, but for me it isn’t the desired outcome. I’ve searched for flags, and configurations in settings to get around this new feature for the browser and have thus far found no solution.

I just want the ability to not have that music icon never appear for any reason on any site. Full stop. I don’t need or want the feature.

Please advise.

Seen other requests like this, but they all got closed without response.

Seems users on brave’s subreddit have also asked the question without finding an answer.

AFAIK there is no way to disable this at this time. There used to be a flag that controlled it it seems like they’ve removed it upstream. You can try passing the argument in the shortcut — the instructions are the same as they are in Chrome as shown here: