Control icons disappear in some sites

When I’m using the brave mobile, control icons in some sites(not all) disappear including google search but still they work if you know where they are. Other android browsers in my mobile work fine. Only brave has the problem. I tried to clear browser data, reinstalling the browser, down the shield etc. But no luck.

Android version 8.1.0
Brave version 1.30.87

Thanks for any help.

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Sounds like a Browser Support problem , surely you will get some help!


Today I updated the Google chrome to the latest version then all other browsers in my phone also affected by this problem. (I use opera touch and via as my secondary browsers). Control icons were disappeared in all of them including the chrome.

Then I uninstalled all the updates in Chrome. After that the problem of other browsers is solved but the situation in Brave remains the same. I also updated the Brave to the latest version. Should I go for the older version of Brave?

Initially I forgot to mention this, I did not update my phone for months because Vivo introduces new bugs with their updates and I get tired of updating and resetting the phone from time to time. I think this may be the problem, but I don’t have any option unless installing an older browser.

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