Contributions processed separately for multiple computers on same wallet


Hello everyone,

I have Brave Payments activated on two computers, both using the same wallet. It seems that contrary to my expectation the payments are processed by each computer separately. Thanks for this I just didn’t send any BAT to anyone on my main computer (probably due to and then my secondary computer just sent 5 BAT to Vimeo (the only supported site opened on that machine during the month).

Frankly I would have expected to have only one contribution go out per wallet. Otherwise it would make sense to disable Brave Payments on all browsers except for my main computer - which can’t be the desired outcome.

Please tell me I’m missing something :wink:



Hi @mario

Currently since Brave Sync does not sync payment information across devices you should have one unique wallet per device. Here is an FAQ for Brave Payments on this topic - and you can find other Brave Payments related FAQs on this page as well:



Oops, an FAQ question - sorry for missing that one. And good to know it will be addressed in the future :slight_smile:

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