Contribution Statement shows I sent the wrong amounts to my pinned sites


I had 5 sites pinned to the top of the Brave Payments page, each with a 20% percentage. I contributed 25 BAT which meant each site should’ve received 5 BAT. When I reviewed the Contribution Statement it looked like this:

Also, the verified sites that I donated too are not showing up as verified sites on the statement (no green check mark)

Version info:

Name Version
Brave 0.19.95
rev cc0ebad
Muon 4.5.16
libchromiumcontent 62.0.3202.94
V8 6.2.414.42
Node.js 7.9.0
Update Channel Release
OS Platform Microsoft Windows
OS Release 6.3.9600
OS Architecture x64


Hey cpbronco,

I don’t want to derail this topic so you can always PM me if you want to reply. After adding those 25 tokens to your wallet how long did it take before they were distributed to your pinned sites?

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Hi @cpbronco

Was this your first contribution? We use statistical voting for contribution statements, a brief explanation of how those occur is here: . Additionally, here are some FAQs regarding Brave Payments that you may find useful:


cc @nejczdovc @mrose


So basically the percentages don’t mean what they say. It’s a rough estimation that may or may not get better over time. Hard for the user to accept that when they are paying money into the system. yeah, it doesn’t change the total much when you are only contributing 25 BAT, but it darn sure makes a difference if you were contributing 100s of BAT. When I want 25% to go to a certain publisher and they only get 10% you can’t just say sorry, its just stats this is expected. How can any user or publisher adopt Brave/BAT as a payment system when the expected payout can just vary by 15% or more. This need to be fixed if this project ever hopes to be adopted widely.


I agree, if I say I want to give 40% to one site and 10% to six other sites, I expect it to do that, and exactly that! I will not add any BAT to my Brave wallet until this is fixed. After all, if we want the usual configuration based on visits etc, we would not have not tried to override.

If you want to keep this feature, please add a way to toggle the payments to distribute out of THE TOTAL BAT amount, rather than the amount based on metrics.

Please fix in the very near future please, or I won’t use Brave Payments at all.


The algorithm they are using doesn’t even make sense for the pinned sites. In the picture I posted, the site I visited the least ended up with the most BAT out of the bunch.

  1. fifth most visited site 32%
  2. fourth most visited site 23%
  3. second most visited site 19%
  4. first most visited site 13%
  5. third most visited site 10%


I moved the BAT over from my Uphold account on the morning of the 13th (my payout date on the payments) and by later that afternoon they had distributed out. Not sure on the exact time, but something like 3 to 4 hours later.


In that case, fix the basic functionality AND give an option to make the percentage be based entirely on the monthly allocation, not using any other metrics.


tl;dr: all of the contributions are based on statistical voting. what that means if you pin a particular percentage of your attention at X% for site1, or if you happen to spend Y% of your attention for site2, then your contributions will approximate those percentages over time.

there are two reasons for this:

first, in order to provide anonymous contributions, the contributions are divided into votes. by your browser. the reason that this is done by the browser is to avoid sending a synopsis of your browsing history over to our server (or any third-party). the downside of this is that if you have 100 votes and you spend 2.1 percent of your time somewhere, you can’t send 2.1 votes. so, when it is time to make a contribution, all of the sites that you may contribute too are given a relative weight from 0.0 to 1.0. so, a site that’s pinned at 40% gets a weight of 0.4 (similarly a site that got 2.1% of your attention gets a weight of 0.021). then a pseudo-random number is generated from 0.0 to 1.0 and a site is chosen using that number. so if the first site in the list had a weight of 0.4, and the second site had a weight of 0.021, then a pseudo-random number from 0.0 up to (but not including) 0.4 would indicate a vote for the first site. similarly a pseudo-random number from 0.4 up to (but not including) 0.421 would indicate a vote for the second site, and so on.

the second reason is that a site that got a very small percentage of your attention, still deserves a chance to get a vote. statistical voting makes that happen.

certainly this isn’t intuitive from the user-interface, and suggestions on how to add wording to make explain it better would be appreciated.

ps: you might ask: well, if i pin a site at X%, why doesn’t X% of my contribution go to that site? that would require that the total number of votes you get be evenly divided by X. say you have 50 votes, and you pin a site at 35%, then do we round-up to 18 votes or down to 17 votes? and what happens when X is really small or really big?


The same thing happened to me, it got distributed out on the same day. Added to that I have no history of any contributions being made. I have fate in the project but share the sentiment that payment problems doesn’t motivate one to add more money to the Brave wallet.

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