Contributing by creating Silesian (szl) translation


Since Silesian just got support in LibreOffice and next month Ubuntu 19.10 is being released with the Silesian language pack, I’d like to contribute by translating Brave to Silesian. I’ve already requested adding the language on Transifex (by mistake I also requested it in brave-laptop) but I have a question.

I read that some strings are pulled from Chromium. Are they pulled to Transifex or are they untranslatable? The thing is Chromium doesn’t have a Silesian version, and it’s impossible to get any information on how to create one.


Hi @gkkulik, welcome to the Community and thanks for your interest in helping Brave with l10n.

cc @Mattches on this :point_up:

Yes. Some strings is from Chromium and the rest is from Brave. Both is available on Transifex.

You may need to translate both. If Chromium already support szl, you only need to translate strings from Brave and/or fix some strings from Chromium.

Hi, @eljuno, thank you and thanks for the reply. I’ll gladly take care of the entire translation.

There is one more thing: there’s some websites that are available in Silesian, eg. Wikimedia services or Facebook. When the browser is working in Silesian mode, do you know if it automatically requests webpages in Silesian, or do I have to file a separate request for that?

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