Contributing BAT to content creators, not

Is it possible to direct my auto-contributions to specific content providers on general platforms like YouTube, without sending anything to itself? If so, how do I specify the content creator?

Yes, you can. In fact, since Brave Rewards contribution feature is available, users always able to support specific creator.

In short, just visit their channel or video.


Thanks very much for this information. I have checked the TIPS SETTINGS and see that I can set content-level contributions for Reddit, GitHub, and Twitter, but YouTube is not an option. Also BitChute and LBRY are missing. Will these three (YouTube, BitChute and LBRY) be added in the future?


YouTube is supported. :point_down:

When you visit their channel > click BAT triangle icon at URL bar > you can send tip to creators.

Or visit their channel/watch their content > it’ll automatically included in the Auto-contribute table – if you have it enabled.

Not supported. The team may add more platforms in the future.

Now I see. Going to just contributes to YouTube, but going to a specific channel lets me contribute to that creator. Very nice. Thank-you!

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