Continuously need to re signin my mail, facebook and home page

What do I need to do to stop this? Very annoying Running windows 10 on a dell laptop

Can you please provide more details which version you are using? Is it on Desktop or Mobile? Its impossible to troubleshoot with just the description. Request you to edit the thread and add necessary details

On my Dell laptop running windows 10

Can you provide the browser details from about:brave. Please add sufficient details as per guidelines.

Version 0.23.107 downloaded 9/13/18.

Do you have clear browser history when you close the browser? Does it signout after you have restarted the browser or when its being used and reloading the page causes you to sign out?

It signs itself out. If the browser is idle for a few minutes more than likely I will have to sign back in to one or more of the 3 pages mentioned that I have set to open when starting the browser.

@bobvan, does this accurately describe the issue?

As @sriram says, it’s very difficult to troubleshoot an issue with generic or non-descriptive issue. When you create a topic, please try to at least roughly adhere to the About Help Me guidelines or the template for bug reports.

Yes, that seems to describe the problem.

It looks like the issue has been moved over to the Brave-Core repo, we will likely not be addressing it in the Muon build (live release that you’re using currently).

However, I would recommend you try out our Developer Build - an early preview of Brave 1.0. This build, as you’ll see on the download page, is not complete nor entirely stable. It has, however, many features and fixes not present in Muon. I have been using it every day for a couple months with any major issues. Its pretty awesome and definitely worth a look.

Oh and your cookies won’t be randomly cleared which in turn logs you out of any websites!

Yes. I put up with this bug for a few months. The only current solution is to use the Brave Dev build. I’m happy that I did this.

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