Continuous Duo/Google meet browser issue

Description of the issue: Google Duo/Google Meet meeting/group video call has two issues:

  1. My camera cuts in and out/I cant be heard if my camera is off even though it has a mic built into it and the browser is set correctly for camera and mic options. My camera will cut out after a few minutes, sometimes 10min after the meeting starts, (it always seems to be a guessing game about how long it will be on). Anytime the camera goes off, I have to manually click the button in the meeting to turn it off, then turn it back on (sometimes it will turn back on when I click to turn it back on, sometimes it won’t then I’ll try again later).

  2. As of 6/8/23, Google duo, browser window will not show participants of the meeting on video, most importantly the speaker hosting the meeting it will not show. I can hear the speaker and if others speak but I cannot see them. On a rare occasion, I can see 1 person when the call starts or 2 people if someone comes in after the call and goes on video but I cannot see them on a regular basis. I can verify that others participating in the meeting can see people on video but I can’t. I am using my computer majority of the other participants are all using their phones. Using a phone is not an option for me for this 2 hr meeting.

How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result: for my camera to work and for google meet/google duo to work and for me to see all the participants and for them to hear/see me.

Brave Version( check About Brave): Brave version: v1.52.126.

Additional Information: I installed Brave in Dec. 2022 and have had this 2hr meeting 1 day a wk for the last year at least. As of 4/20/23, during the meeting I noticed my webcam would turn off after a while (after an hr or so), for no reason and the camera going off would be sporadic. The following week, i noticed the issue would continue, sometimes 20 min. into the meeting sometimes 2 min etc. I did notice the camera on my duo meeting screen, when it would turn off, it would go black for a few seconds first before it looked like I went and turned my camera off (where it says ‘You’) but I never went and clicked the video icon to turn the video off. I am using recording software (ShareX) during the meeting and have been for the last year so nothing in that area has changed. This whole google meet/brave browser/camera/recording etc. was working fine from Dec. 2022 until about May of this yr. Then something happened and it started acting out of wack and ever since it hasn’t been the same.

I am using a Dell 3050, i3-7100 cpu @3.90ghz, 16gb ram. 64bit OS, win10pro. v21h2.

I have 3 monitors, the 3rd being a TV hooked up w/an HDMI cable. The 3rd monitor I acquired and connected on 4/11/23, w/4/13/23 being the first night I got to use that as a monitor for the weekly Thurs meeting. It worked fine then, I could see/hear everyone and I myself could be seen/heard by the group, software all worked. All of this worked great until around 5/11/23, as that is the first time I can recall camera issues or the camera going out. It could have been a week prior to that but either way that 5/11/23 is a starting point.

Note: When i say turn the camera off and back on, in this context, i mean in the meeting, my mic will be muted and my camera will be on until it either a. turns off on its own (going black, then a few seconds later saying ‘You’ as if i had turned it off) leaving me the option to still turn off my camera or b. unless i hit the button to turn off my camera in the browser.

The camera I use is Microsoft Lifecam HD 6000, as a test I tried a 2nd camera I had, Microsoft Lifecam HD 3000. Both gave me the same issue of cutting out.

I have tried the following w/little to no luck in fixing the issue:

  1. disabling/renabling camera drivers
  2. clearing cache
  3. reinstalling an old camera driver/ updating camera drivers/ windows updates
  4. I tried the ‘power save’ device setting on every usb option i could, where you go to computer management, find the usb extensible host controller, click the power management tab, and un-check the ‘allow the computer to turn this device off to save power’…placing that setting worked for a few meetings, but then it went back to being an issue.
  5. tried plugging in the usb camera into different usb ports
  6. tried a 2nd usb webcam and everything was still the same as far as the camera cut out.
  7. Tried google duo/meeting in firefox and opera and it literally will not do a group duo call. It will only allow individual one on one calls/meets so it pushes me back to Brave.
    (I removed google chrome completely off my pc back in Dec. when I installed Brave replacing Chrome).
  8. Restarting the PC
  9. Looked in the event logs for every day we had the meeting since 5/11/23 and didnt see the same error at all up till last week and there were only 2 instances of an error that was the same: error application hang: WindowsCamera.exe version 2021.105.10.0 stopped interacting with Windows and was closed
    I tried to look in the Windows security section for more detailed info and it was too far past for me to get any information. I looked at tonight (6/22/23) and didn’t see any errors or anything.
  10. Per a link :
    I didn’t have the RS folders file as they mentioned in the link so I created the RsProviders folder in the Realtek one and renamed it (RsProviders_), that seemed to help a bit last week but this week we are back to square one.

Tonight, 6/22/23, I tried using OBS and not ShareX and that didn’t seem to make a difference at all in the performance of the camera nor be me being able to see anyone in the meeting. I also tried a 3rd camera that is newer (just purchased about 2 wks ago) and that didn’t seem to help either. Even after refreshing the browser page and signing back into the meeting.

Below is a picture of my view, when my camera is on as you can see I can’t see anyone, though there are people that have there cameras on.

Here is a view where my camera just shut off and you can see the black screen w/the mute button before it switches over to the blue back ground and says ‘You’

Here is a view from a friends phone, showing me that they can see other people on video.

Any help would be appreciated. I have no clue why this is happening let alone a 2 fold issue that started at different times. Thanks in advance.

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