Continues change of settings locations


i found it confusing for the continues change of settings location

for example

Show Wayback Machine prompt on 404 pages was on the system section on settings now it’s on the content sections

not sure if that come from chrome or not but can you keep settings location fixed

thanks for your time and help :slight_smile:

The changing of the Settings page can happen for a number of reasons — could be due to inherited changes in the underlying Chromium engines, could be a change the team decided to implement for usability/organizational reasons (for example, it makes more sense for the Show Wayback Machine prompt on 404 pages option to be in Content rather than System as it is directly related to the content of the webpages you’re viewing), or it could be due to user feedback.

Regardless, you can expect some options in the browser to continue to shift and change as the browser grows. Further, you can expect this from every browser and all software, for that matter — it is very rare that an application comes out and the UI stays fixed for the entirety of its existence.

agree just wished to keep it minimum as much as possible

thanks for your replay and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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