Contest page did not let me register my entry before October 12th cutoff?

Hey Brave Community!

I discovered the Brave 100k giveaway contest very shortly before it concluded and after tweeting about wishing the deadline was longer, I was urged by Sampson to do a last minute entry before the 12am pst cutoff; which was about 10 hours away from my tweet. Determined, I made an entry in 4 hours right after work and I clicked export around 10:45pm. I was ecstatic to have made the cutoff right on time. To my dismay, the contest page would not let me register and said the contest period has passed! :frowning:

I have screenshots confirming I have been told I had until midnight October 12th from Sampson himself. I have all screenshots that I had uploaded it on time and the message I received at 11pm upon going on the contest page. Am I still eligible for the contest? HELP :frowning:!

This is my entry:


Thanks for reaching out @itsfoxy,

I just forwarded it to the team. :slightly_smiling_face:

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thank you so much! I appreciate it a lot! :grinning:

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