Content creators payment

Have creators rewards finished? Mine still says “the payout report is currently generating. please check back”


a mi me llego tranquilo te va llegar ayer me pago brave 10 de febrero me llegoel pago por la tarde pago de editores :slight_smile:

no creator payouts didn’t finish it will be finished on 12th or 13th don’t worry

I don’t know what is the problem it’s only saying"the payout report is generating please check back later". Is there any issue in the brave rewards system?

I received mine publisher creator payout yesterday but pay out just half only. Anyone have this issue?

yes same here just received just half of my bats

Payouts are still processing.


A mi también me llegó ayer pero menos de la mitad de lo que tengo en total de bats, desde diciembre no me enviaban

I have the same issue

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