Content Creators Channels by subdomains or subdirectories with root directories?

I am trying to see what options there are to create content channels by subdomains/subdirectories ( each having their own root directory), where each subdomain or subdirectory is it’s own independent channel.

Is this an option through Public Suffix, if so, is there a tutorial to address this issue?

My reasoning is that I have multiple creators that want to to have their own brave rewards channel to maintain accurate rewards payouts, i,e. has their channel and payout data, would have it’s own channel an payout data, as their channel and payout data, as their channel and payout data.

Is this possible, or is this in the pipeline in the near future?

This functionality would allow for a single domain to grow as a conglomerate where creators may join under a single domain, but with each having their own rewards payout separated from the main domain.

This is not currently possible as I have tried something similar not long ago while working on a project where subdomains would have been amazing to have.

I haven’t seen anything on github that would make me believe they are adding this thing any time soon sadly.

This could be a thing in the future because content creators on YouTube already use this form of tipping, but I guess it’s currently not enabled for other domains.

Only time will tell.

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It’s been over two years in waiting, so I am not sure why they don’t just allow for root directories (subdomains or subdirectories) to separate channels by the file verification they have on the initial domain.

So, you tried to submit a Public Suffix of a subdomain yet? It seems that as long as it’s excepted there, it would be treated independently, or is this incorrect? Thanks for the reposne.

Yeah I have tried it with subdomains and every single possible combination.

You are still able to navigate to and the tipping option will be available but any tips made to that subdomain will be credited to the root domain, even in the wallet API, it won’t show what sub domain was funded.

If you do find something that I might have overlooked, feel free to get in touch with me and we can further explore different options - but I have hit a dead end with this multiple times as this feature is a key component for one of my projects to function.

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Will do, thank you for the quick response.

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