Containers tabs / session tabs




I’m discovering brave and I already like it ! Great job on this software !

One thing I hope there will be add is contextual container like on firefox.

For examples, I have a lot of tabs for my work then I open a lot of tabs for me during lunch then go back to my work but I don’t want to loose my home tabs.

I know there’s something near this in brave, session tabs so maybe you’ll plan to improve this feature ?

Like sync tabs by context so at home I could reopen all my home tabs ? Same things for android browser.

Anyway thank again for your work !


Hi @hydro! We appreciate your feedback.

We are currently discussing how to better implement Session tabs, as well as additional tab orginization implementations. We have several overlapping issues open in GitHub for this:

This type of feature is not likely to be implemented in the current live release of Brave. It is, however, to be implemented with Brave 1.0.

Additionally, if you’d like a sneak peak at how Brave 1.0 is shaping up, you can download our Developer Build (still early release). It fixes many known issues that are present in the live release, and also adds additional functionality including extension support.



Thank for you answer and for links !

For me, tabs session / containers must be a complete different instance.

For example, I’m with my work tabs, I click on “Home tabs”, my work tabs disappear and my home tabs appear.

Same things for Android / iOS.

I hope you saw session tabs like this.

I already use dev build and I can’t wait to try session tabs when they’ll be back.