Consumption of RAM in Windows 10



The Brave with 4 new tabs has consumed 400mb of RAM, if it does not fail the memory this is almost double that the chrome for example consumes with those same characteristics described.:rage:

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We are looking at performance in general, so we appreciate the post.

When making these kind of posts, more detail is usually needed. For example:

  1. Are you on the latest version of Brave? Be sure to list the EXACT version number and not say ‘yeah I’m on the latest’.
  2. What sites were you visiting for those four tabs?
  3. How long were either browser left open?



I had 10 tabs with YouTube videos on 1080p and Brave used 220mb ram :+1:


Brave version 0.13.4;
Sites that I normally visit that were open when I noticed: Twitter, Codecademy, Outlook, Video Course;
Man I usually used it for about 4 hours.


Specifically on this day the browser was crashing a lot, I do not know if my code editor contributed to this too. :thinking:


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You will find multiple process for both Chrome and Brave under “Background Processes” and it’s not uncommon to have a single tab take up 400+MB of RAM. If you are doing anything more than a trivial test with a few tabs, the non-renderer processes will be completely lost in the noise of the RAM usage by the renderer processes.

It seems to me to be worth blogging or tweeting about that, telling users pointless to do the simple math on Task Manager.

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