Constructive Feedback for the Brave Browser – Paul Berg – Medium


My personal review of the Brave Browser:


You seem to have forgotten to include your link.


I thought it’s similar to Reddit, ie the hyperlink in the title will redirect the user to the pasted link.


Awesome. Virtually all of your feedback will be satisfied with the upcoming Brave v1.0 (Brave-core) release, which is targeted roughly by Fall.

If you want a more thorough breakdown of what v1.0 will entail and which of your feedback items will be addressed off the bat, see the following post written by CTO Brian Bondy:


I find the browser is to be alright except the fact that some sites don’t stream really well where i can watch the streams on my safari without lag on the same internet and they take forever to load on Brave.


It would be helpful to post that notice (fall of 2018) on the closed post What is the expected timeline for Brave to be release version 1.0?. Only found this because I was searching for a way to be notified when it’s good to go.


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