Constant Crashing "Error code: CPP_EH_EXCEPTION"

  • Browser crashing 10+ times a day with error “Error code: CPP_EH_EXCEPTION”. No rhyme or reason as to which site it crashes on, seemingly does it on any site. I can refresh the page and the issue is cleared for the moment.

  • Issue is random, I can’t reliably reproduce it.

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.30.87

Additional Information: Windows 10 (19043.1237), Sophos Endpoint Agent v. 2.19.8


  1. Try clearing the Cookies and cache via brave://settings/clearBrowserData.
  2. Test in private window mode, with no extensions enabled.

Not sure, but here’s a Reddit thread which seems like it might be similar.

And one thing you interestingly have in common with that poster is Sophos Endpoint.

Also I would suggest updating to Brave 1.30.89 before doing any further testing.

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