Constant Contact Locks Up When Going to Home Page

When logging into Constant Contact, and when I go to the Home Page of Constant Contact, the tab locks up. There is a pop up that is asking me if I want to kill the tabs, but if I wait, the pages are functional again.

The browser still works, and I can go to and use other tabs normally. I tried to replicated this same issue on FireFox and Chrome, but there was no locking up, so it leads me to believe there is something inherent with Brave.

I know this seems like an issue with just Constant Contact, but it works perfectly fine on other browsers.

What I have done so far:

  • Restarted Browser
  • Restarted Computer
  • Updated Windows, Nvidia, Java, Flash
  • Turned Brave Privacy Off
  • Tried in a private window
  • Contacted Constant Contact to see if they can help, awaiting response from their Tier 2 Support (whatever that means).

Nothing above solved the problem.

I have attached (I hope) screen shots of when you press “F12” of the errors and issues that it found.

Brave Version: V1.7.92

Windows 10 Pro - 10.0.18363

Error 2of2 for CC

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