Consider dropping "minutes saved" from splash screen


I think we should consider dropping the “minutes saved” from the new/window/tab splash screen. I’ve been using Brave heavily for several months now,and it says I’ve only saved 18 minutes. as a network engineer, I get the relative significance of that given that we’re talking the sum of a large number of split-second interactions, but, as an end-user, it leaves me with “uh… a gazillion hours of browsing and Brave has only saved me 18 minutes”? the savings vs. actual usage ratio doesn’t feel good. the other stats are better.


I have 2 hours saved. Perhaps the time saved could be put into context with another stat which shows the amount of time Brave actually spent loading pages. I might have been using Brave for months but I expect that the total time spent loading pages is still less than 10 hours or so. And 10 hours instead of 12 hours sounds a lot better.


yeah. I like that. reworking the math would probably do it.


cc: @brad @cezar @clifton


It would also be nice to increase the resolution of the time saved counter, takes forever to update when just showing an hour, change it so it always shows the minutes as well and it would feel better. I wouldn’t be unhappy to have seconds show too.

The trackers, ads and upgrades counters all provide a lot more activity, let the saved counter share the love.

2 ------------------- meh
2:34 -------------- not bad
2:34:67 ---------- nice
2:34:67.0038 – overkill

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