Connection Secure Icon

I noticed that the icon for secure connections has changed. Is this correct, or have I been bamboozled?

i checked it on my win 11 vm before 3 weeks…i think its a design change… in the older version of brave, the elegant lock icon is still present.

what you just asked about(icon change) and the way how the profile icons(profile 2, profile 3) look are the two reasons why im not happy with newer versions of brave and very glad that older versions of brave just works flawlessly.


on newer brave version, the x is placed on the top right area of the brave icon blocking brave lion’s logo eye which i find it as disrespectful… Anyway the beauty still exist in older versions…so just happy with that.

@Nessa Brave has new HTTPS by default. You can toggle that if you want, but because they tend to automatically update, it’s showing different icon. You can still click the image button to see info, such as: