Connecting Zebpay with Brave

Why am i getting the “device limit reached” error in my device. Its true that i have like reset my devices a multiple of times and now im getting this error. is there any solution to it? whom to contact brave or zebpay? or is there any time limit for that ? Kindly give me the solution dont stick on to facts

@Dhoni2657s simple answer is the Device Limit Reached is actually an antifraud message. The only “solution” will be for you to create a Rewards Support Ticket at and provide as much info to them as possible. Not only for Rewards Payment ID for devices connected to ZebPay, but to make sure you also provide email associated. They’ll then review and hopefully open things back up for you.

As to time, they are a bit random but most of the people at Brave just work Monday through Friday and are off of work on the weekends and American holidays. Average time to see new tickets are 3-5 business days and then varies on how long it takes them to look into things and respond.

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