Connecting Multiple Brave Browsers to Uphold Wallet

-Connected First browser from first system to Uphold. Deposit received almost immediately.

-Connected Second browser from second system to uphold. Balance between both browsers show on second system. But no new deposit to uphold for BAT available from second system.

-I have already reached out to uphold support and they stated:

" Hello,

Thanks for getting in touch with Uphold. We’re proud to be a partner of Brave. For this kind of issue, it’s best to contact Brave directly.

You may want to review Brave’s support page, contact Brave support directly at, or browse their FAQ for more details:

If you have any other questions, please reply to this email. We’re always happy to help.


Carlos and the Uphold Team

-Not sure what to do here. I have attempted to connected both of my brave browsers from both systems. But no avail. I first attempted to restore my wallet from my first Brave browser to my second but it didn’t seem to take. It just created a whole new local wallet.

-Also unable to to claim my rewards from ads for this past month. Every time I drag the BAT icon to the correct location it states: “Oops, something is wrong. Please try again later. Brave Rewards is having an issue Please try again later.”

Also just a note to anyone that reads my post. It appears the Restore for the second browser did take as my recovery key for both wallets are the same. Weird thing is I’m reciveing Payments from ads to both browser and the balances for both browser wallets are very different.

These balances will probably settle around the next payout time – I’d wait until then to see if it auto-resolves. If not, please let us know :slight_smile:

Keep in mind there’s a limit of 3 browsers that you can link to one Uphold wallet.

It’s also possible you had BAT grants on one browser, and these do not transfer to Uphold (they can only be used to tip other creators).

I used up my 3 browser limit while testing the two-way wallet feature last year in the dev and beta builds which I no longer have installed.

How can I unlink those inactive browsers from Uphold and link the 3 active browsers I want to link? Thank you.

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Ok I will give it a chance to resolve. How would I know out of my BAT balance what was grants and was earned through Ads?

You can see a breakdown on the Rewards Settings page underneath your wallet balance :slight_smile:

Yeah unfortunately I don’t see any breakdown. It only shows my balance. I have no selection that shows a breakdown of my balance.

I see the breakdown right there under Rewards summary – looks like you didn’t claim any grants recently, but earned some BAT through Brave Ads :slight_smile:

Gotya. Well hopefully it will settle soon. My work Brave browser has a ton of BAT that I would like to have access to.

I am just replying here because I have no clue where to find a pertinent open topic. I have been sent Twitter tips twice by the same user and see one in my creator account but none have shown up in my uphold balance.

I sent Asad a pm with the info but it has bot been read. Can someone please help?

for that i think you need to go to

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I tried Uphold and was told to come here so that is what I am doing first. thanks for the reply, I appreciate it

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