Connecting Metamask to just gives me a blank black screen

I’ve been using Brave browser for quite sometime now and never had any issues with the large variety of DeFi transactions I do using Brave and Metamask (as well as other wallets).

However, just two days ago everything stopped working properly and I’ve had to revert to using Chrome.

A couple of issues: -

  1. When I connect to the Moonriver blockchain and try to access I get a blank black page.

If I don’t connect Metamask, I can see the website, but once I connect, I get the blank page.

The same thing happens when I try to access sushiswap.

  1. My metamask keeps disconnecting for pages that I visit. This happens for Moonwell Apollo (Moonriver), Tarot Finance (Fantom), Spookyswap (Fantom) and Beethovenx (Fantom). I can access the pages and I can connect my wallet, but once I try to make a transaction or refresh the page, the wallet gets disconnected.

  2. I’m not sure if this is related but I’m also having problems accessing Google sheets. I keep getting the “reload page” prompt.

As you can see I do a lot of transactions on different blockchains, and I would like to not have to revert to using Chrome as I like Brave’s ad blocking functionalities.

Please help. Till 2 days ago, everything was working fine but for some reason, everything is falling apart now

Probably related; Can not connect - #6 by fanboynz

Thanks @fanboynz!

Going to brave://settings/wallet and setting Default cryptocurrency Wallet to “None” solves all my problems. Including the Google sheet ones.

This was sooooo annoying. Maybe Devs should set this option to “None” by default?

I know Brave is trying to shill the Brave wallet, but this was a pretty darn big turn off for me.

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