Connected, verified wallet not receiving BAT that I already earned

I have tried sending an email to Brave support but got no response. I also sent a message to the moderators on the reddit sub but got no response. So I am trying here…

I have a mobile wallet, and a desktop wallet. I am verified on Uphold and have connected my wallets. Both have over 25 BAT in them that I have already earned in past months. Once I got over 25 BAT on my mobile, I linked the accounts so it says “Wallet verified” in the top left corner of the rewards section. My funds will not move over to Uphold no matter what I do. I have tried to disconnect the wallet and re connect and also remove brave rewards from Uphold then re connect it. This does not work.

The same goes for my desktop. It is connected, verified wallet but will not send the funds to Uphold.

Any help is appreciated,

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