Connected Android to Gemini(Brave Desktop) Wallet and Android BAT Rewards Disappeared

I connected my Braved Destop Browser to Gemini and it went well only missing maybe 15-20 BAT.

I connected my Brave browser on my android phone and it connected but the separate Bat around 48-50 from the desktop disappeared and it just shows me the amount I earned on my desktop browser. Why did my 50 android bat vanish?

Can this be recovered?

When you connect a new device to Gemini or Uphold, the BAT gets removed from the browser and is sent to the custodial partner. Usually this happens within a few hours but can take a day or two depending on the amount and all.

No amounts should be missing. The only thing reduced would be if you not disabled Auto-Contribute and/or if you’ve chosen to tip anyone.

I don’t know when you linked your devices to Gemini, but I’d say if it doesn’t appear within the next 24 hours, your best solution would be to create a Rewards Support Ticket at and make sure you provide your Rewards ID from all devices and the email associated with your Gemini account, so they can investigate with you.

Thank you for the information. I probably will have to open a ticket it’s been 2 days and my Gemini/bat hasn’t changed.

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