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I’m from India and previously connected with Gemini. Now Gemini allows to connect with previous profiles but brave browser doesn’t let me because location is set to India. How do I overcome this issue?

@Saoiray could you please tag appropriate people or help me with this issue?

@sujayrao what are you saying happens when you try to select? Are you getting the notice that your region isn’t supported?

@sujayrao are you getting a greyed button or something?

This is how it is.

@chriscat I know you were looking into this a while back. I forget if ever mentioned to you @Mattches . I’m not sure if there’s a Github issue open for it. I just tried searching and didn’t find, but not sure which key words really to do. Usually is why I leave for Brave staff to do, so I don’t replicate. But I know @SmartyAadi and others pointed this out before.

Guess since new topic on it, would ask if any further insight in regards to it not being an option after country selection. From what people are saying, it’s locking their option of Gemini/Uphold just based on country they choose, even if they had been connected before.

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Same thing I am getting. The buttons are not responding, like there’s nothing happens when you click them.

Yeah, they disabled it for unsupported regions.

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