Connect brawe wallet to uphold

I used to had connected uphold account with brawe wallet. But now I can not connect The wallet with an uphold account because it is not currently available in my country. I am a citizen of georgia. Is there Anything that could be done to reconnect my uphold account to the brawe wallet?

Nope. You will have to wait till support is restored to your region or a new Custodian is brought back to your region to support Georgia again.

Also would like to point out that Brave rewards and Brave wallet are two different things totally unrelated. Where brave rewards rewards you with BAT for Brave private ads.
Brave wallet is a non custodial (self custody) wallet for all cryptocurrencies and NFT.


@zazamirotadze Unfortunately that’s not possible at this time. The reason being that Uphold has Georgia (the country) on their list of restricted countries. Whenever countries end up restricted and unable to create new accounts, they also tend to cut off connections to Brave as well. You can find their list at

And this is further confirmed by the idea that your country is not listed by Brave at which means it’s not supported. So until this gets resolved, you won’t be able to connect your Rewards to Uphold.

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