Connect Binance account? No with rewards issues

I was planning to connect my Binance account with the Brave browser. But the lack of response with the lost rewards does not inspire confidence.

There has been plenty of response. Please browse through the support forums and see the hundreds of replies by @steeven and @mattches on this issue.

hundrds of replies but cero solutions…
we still don’t have the rewards for march

They have already posted updates and explained they are working on getting payments out. We’re not told what’s going on, but they are aware of issues that caused a delay. So have to be patient.

You can’t connect Brave to Binance anyway. Sure, you can add the widget to see your Binance account but there’s no communication between Brave and Binance and you can’t receive your BAT on it. You’re limited to either Uphold or Gemini.

And where can I see the balance of the balance that is not credited to me for March?

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