"Congrats! Your September rewards have arrived!" but didnt receive any rewards

ticket submitted. thanks for the direction saoiray.

how to determine if my browser or wallet is flagged?

does my wallet/browser is flagged? how check if im flagged or not? cause im still getting brave ads

Same issue for me also, since last 2 months.

ticket raised but all they told you is to wait for next month and now two payments not received

For anyone here who has not yet received their payments or believe their wallet to be flagged, please reach out to us by submitting a support ticket on the following page:

If you’ve already submitted a support ticket, please tell me the ticket number for the request so I can ensure that someone takes a look at it. Please bear in mind that we have a large queue of tickets during payout week and responses may take some time.

Thank you

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submitted a ticket last month. Should I submit another one for the same problem? It is not fixed. BTW, the support is not helpful at all. They seem to copy and paste the script without even looking into the problem.

Did not receive BAT reward for Sep. No claim button. Just have a message that says, “Congrats! Your September rewards have arrived!” Ticket case number: 158704

I’m having issues with everything

If you are luckily, you will receive an answer saying that your account if flagged and will not be reinstated. Even if you never did anything wrong other than watching ads!

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I am now suddenly flagged I’ve submitted a ticket: 158455.

Everything was going so smooth un until now.

HI @Mattches thank you very much

I have raised a ticket and got a reply that my wallet is flagged and will not be reinstated. Ticket ID 158402
What is weird is that it’s just a usual laptop device and the only credit that it was due was about 8 BAT? What kind of irregular activity could I perform to get only 8 BAT? Sincerely, your automatic fraud system is failing, and your support is not willing to help us, the legit users.

I got the same message, and the reply sounds like you have done something wrong. I am just a normal user using brave to browse the internet.

Thanks, @Mattches my ticket number for last month for the OS’s were: 154380 and 154381.

I have not raised a new ticket this month, yet. Too confusing otherwise.

first time this ever happened

I submitted 2 tickets and got the same response.
getting error device limit reached, and told that the limit has been lifted.
and that could be due to “Please note, the linking limit setting is based on standard device habits and individual usage. If you are seeing this error message, it may be due to irregular usage.”
I am on 1 of my devices if not more say my laptop and Android, ALL day long. I am not doing anything that’s irregular other than using this wonderful browser…
I live with my brother and mother and got them onto Brave this month… this is the only thing new.
I’ve explained this but never get a response back.
I’ve not had any issues up until now for many months and only have 4 devices I want connected. 3 PCs and 1 Android. (my laptop is dual boot, so I guess 5 total connections…)
Please help.
Ticket numbers 158522 & 157079.

Thank you kindly.

Please note, the linking limit setting is based on standard device habits and individual usage.

The reply from Brave support seems out of touch of modern internet usage. I use brave browsers all day long work + entertainments. I would say like 20+ hours a day.

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I haven’t gotten rewards in many months. I tried a few things but gave up when nothing worked. Brave should stop advertising rewards if they don’t give them.

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