"Congrats! Your September rewards have arrived!" but didnt receive any rewards

last month same thing and this month same issue happening again. @Saoiray @steeven @Mattches

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Same here . Please look into this issue @Saoiray @steeven @Mattches

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Same issue for me, also the second month in a row.

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I got rewards last month. But this month is all over the place.

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Update from @Saoiray Your Community Ninja…

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As long as payments have completed for any time period, if you see you haven’t received it, then you need to start a Support Ticket in order to get assistance. This will have you provide information Brave needs to investigate but shouldn’t be shared publicly, such as your Wallet Payment ID.

Beyond that, I want to point out to all of you here. When you see the notice that says Congrats! Your rewards have arrived!, it’s a generic notice. It doesn’t actually keep track and alert each individual User when their BAT payment arrives. You can keep track of the payment status at Ads Payout Status Update which will show you this month’s is still processing. It was pending this morning. With it being the weekend, it can delay a bit as well.

I’d say keep an eye out for when Ads Payout Status showed payments complete for your method of payment (Unverified, Gemini, or Uphold) before you submit a ticket. This is especially important because Brave can do little to nothing for you until payments are complete.

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and what about the last month i have raised the same issue and someone told me to wait for the arrival now same thing for this month

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This is the same issue I’m experiencing.


Did you submit a ticket after last month’s showed as completed? If so, they should have investigated and got back to you. If not, then you may as well get that support ticket in now for that month’s payment.


Found the solution for mine… in your browser, at the top where you can enter website addresses, there are 2 icons: a brave icon and a BAT icon. I clicked BAT icon, and it allowed me to claim through there. Normally I claim from the Brave homepage.


true its truly awful, we are seeing ads but not getting paid for it. :face_vomiting:

nope, still the same reasoning, I already heard that line for many times.

If i remember it right during the past past months, when payments is ongoing, we dont get this line “Congrats! Your rewards have arrived!” instead BAT rewards are not just showing in the page. or its just missing cause BAT rewards is still ongoing.


and I didnt received my september payment, I waited for the ads payout status to finished and still no bat received, Isubmit a ticket but i didnt receive any reply.

Same issue here. Also, account all of the sudden showing flagged.

Same issue for me. Starting September I would get the notification but I get zero BAT.

I can’t verify my wallet because of arbitrary geolocation nonsense. And now this. No notification that my account is flagged or anything.

This is getting ridiculous.

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I also did not receive the September payout (for August rewards); August did work for July rewards. Seems like there was a problem with the payout last month.

ticket submitted. thanks for the direction saoiray.

how to determine if my browser or wallet is flagged?

does my wallet/browser is flagged? how check if im flagged or not? cause im still getting brave ads

Same issue for me also, since last 2 months.

ticket raised but all they told you is to wait for next month and now two payments not received