Congrats! Your December rewards have arrived! Not Showing In My Account

I am showing that my account has been flagged with Uphold and I haven’t received my rewards for 3 months. I can log in to Upho;d from another browser and can access my account just fine. That is why I can see my rewards have not been distributed. Why am I now been flagged with Brave. You have been showing this message every month “Congrats! Your December rewards have arrived!” Please advise.


You’ll never be given a solid answer. Short version is Brave’s system has seen activity from you that appears to be either a violation of Terms or something that appears to be attempted fraud. Brave’s policy, as well as every crypto place, is that they won’t tell you what specifically resulted in your account being flagged.

About the only thing you can do is create a Rewards Support Ticket to see if Brave can investigate and if they’ll remove the flag.

After you create the ticket, you’ll get one of three types of responses.

  • Need more information from you

  • Your account has been reinstated.

  • Your account won’t be reinstated (it’s permanently banned, basically)

I had the exact same issue, no idea why, but I got in contact with Brave support and they fixed it (or claimed to) for me. I have to wait until the next payout date to see whether or not it worked.

It all depends on how (un)lucky you are. Lol. If they told you that the flag has been removed that they truly have. However, there have been some people who either kept doing things they shouldn’t or were highly unlucky and ended up flagged again before the next payout. Hopefully you’re not going to fall in that small subset (less than 1%) of people.

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They didn’t specifically say the flag was removed but said I should be able to receive my rewards fine in the future. I hope that works. Judging by what you said in that other thread, it must have flagged me since Proton seems to like to auto-connect to a server in the Netherlands and that hasn’t changed.

How do you get in touch with them?

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You can also message them on Twitter, as I did.

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