Confusion over iOS rewards

While reading over different topics the last few days I am completely confused on if iOS app users are allowed to self tip? While I understand the coding and the assortment of issues with iOS compared to android and windows I am wondering what I am to do with the BAT I have earned? I’d like to use it with the TAP network I am concerned i will get in trouble to self tip to do so…

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Yes. Self-tipping is not recommended for all platforms including iOS. If you want to withdrawal your earning, please wait until the feature is implemented.

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I am not sure if you have an answer or can answer it but is there a reason why it isn’t recommended? Is there a transaction fee or something like that that occurs?

Because it can trigger Brave’s anti-fraud system and your creator account can be flagged. Again :point_down:

Apologize for the inconveniences and thanks for your patience.

@eljuno is the feature to withdraw BAT from the app on the iPhone active as of yet?

Hello @cayman, in short not yet. I’ve no ETA for that but it’s something that the team is working on.

Thanks for your patience.

No sadly there is no option