Confused - trying to opt out of 3rd party cookies, prompted to enable all cookies to allow opt out cookies


Hi lovely and intelligent people. I hope someone can give me some insight.

I don’t know if I’m missing something of how cookies are required to work, but in trying to opt out of 3rd party cookies via websites like NAI and YourOnlineChoices, I am prompted that I need to allow all cookies in my settings, in order for my opt out request to work. When I try to use the opt out of all functions, majority of the participating ad companies fail to process my request. The only solution seems to be to email them directly, one by one, requesting opt out (there are more than 80 on NAI, and more than 100 on TOC. Ive succeeded to opt out from about 10).

I realise this may not be the best forum on which to discuss this, but I gather that most of you are also individuals who are concerned about your online privacy and I’m curious as to how other people managed to escape from the Google and Google products dependency trap, and to stop all data going back to them in some way through an individual website.

Every website I visit tells me that I have to either accept their cookies or opt out, then I am redirected to NAI or TOC in order to opt out. But then at those two websites, it fails to opt out from almost all of the ad companies. Or it links to pages explaining how to opt out of all third party unwanted cookies, but only if you’re using a browser like Chrome, Mozilla, etc.
I just feel like I’m going in circles trying to opt out individually from every single website I try to access.

I am based in Europe, if this helps for context of the new EU data laws that are now in place when I browse. (I don’t know how it is for people using the internet now outside of the EU, if you have your own similar data protection changes going on)

Many thanks for your time!


I’m not 100% sure, but I’m guessing that those opt-out sites essentially just save a cookie into your browser, that tells all of the sites you visit to not save any cookies, and that’s why they want you to enable your cookies.


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