Confused - Pending BAT never becomes available to "CLAIM"

I’m new to cryptocurrency.
In fact, I had never truly looked into it until deciding to download the BRAVE browser because I was tired of Firefox’s security holes.

Now that I’ve been researching various Cryptocurrencies, I’m interested in earning them.

I’ve been using the BRAVE browser for 2 weeks. I see “Pending Bat” in the amount of 5.2, but that never seems to be allowed to be officially claimed. It just sits in pending. I always see “Next pay out”, and a near by date. But the date soon comes and passes with a “payout” never going through.

I have verified an Uphold wallet, not sure if I need it or not to Claim earned BAT.

How can I get the payout to go through? Is it possible to convert out BAT over to another exchange so that we can make it apart of an actual wallet that can be used for “cashing” out in USD? Are we allowed to convert to other cryptocurrencies with other exchanges? Or do we HAVE to exchange earned BAT here for gift cards, etc…

I have chosen to not donate away all my earned BAT to advertisers, etc. If we opt out of that, are we allowed to keep the BAT and use it?

Lastly, does anyone have any advice on GOOD US based exchange platforms that offer more than just 20 or so Currencies for trading? As a newbie, I’d really like to get my feet wet in the smaller penny currencies.

Thanks dearly for any advice or help any one could offer.
I realize there are a lot of questions here so I really hope some one would be kind enough to answer them all…

Is this your ads earning estimation?

Shown under brave:rewards > Ads section and/or Rewards widget in New Tab Page.

For ads earnings payout, it’ll happens today (5th, US time zone). You may not received all 5 BAT because it’s only for BAT you earned last month.

If you have Uphold account connected to your brave:rewards wallet before 30th of previous month, the payout will be automatically deposited to your Uphold account.

Yes. If your BAT is already in your Uphold wallet, you can use it and convert it to FIAT or other crypto currencies. You can do it via Uphold or you can send it from Uphold to another wallet/exchange.

Yes. BAT you earned from Brave Ads is yours.

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Hi, I have experienced the same problem. It says -Estimated pending rewards of 2.1 BAT, Nest payment date: May 6. But I can’t claim- no rewards claim button or something to click to claim it. Until last night, it says next payment date: June 6 and all BAT where reset to 0.0 BAT. Can I still claim my earning BAT? if not, why can’t I claim it in the first place? Thanks.

@rdcvega see May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors for explanation

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