Confused about Uphold/Verified Wallet limit - help!

It did allow you to connect extra devices in the past even if you had exceeded the limit but even if they are connected, the BATs won’t get transferred from your Browser to Uphold.

And none of them are cross-linked so it might just have been a coincidence that you got same amount of BATs on both the devices.
[Also they roundoff the BATs, so if you have 0.68 they round to 0.75 sometimes. So that might also add up to the reason]

And for the first question, there is no way to view the device list currently.


Thank you very much for your prompt response.

So I should assume that BAT earned on “extra” devices are still being transferred to Uphold? I’ll keep an eye on those devices going forward.

And yes, coincidences can happen. Matching out to the 4 decimal places shown, e.g. 1.2345 BAT seems mighty suspicious, but that’s the thing about coincidences!


I actually meant the exact opposite. The ‘extra’ devices won’t be able to send BATs to Uphold.

That makes sense, but then begs the question … Where do the BAT that are earned on “extra” devices go? If Brave thinks there’s a verified wallet, but it can’t transfer them, are they held locally? Does this mean they are disappearing? Lost? That doesn’t seem fair or reasonable. As far as I can tell, I’m seeing the Uphold totals, not a local total.

There is an option to “Disconnect from Brave Rewards” on the Verified Wallet icon pull down, but what does that really mean since it’s my understanding that once verified and connected, it can’t be undone … I know, “currently”. :slight_smile:

And since I can’t tell WHICH devices are ACTUALLY connected – or can I ?? – then this is an awful Catch-22 here.

For shame. :frowning: Like I said, the whole BAT wallet thing is wonky bonkers.

I gave up trying to earn bat as we have multiple computers in the office I may use plus i have two pads and two phones. nothing can work with this uphold clamp-on bat. i personally own over 40 websites i planned on using but upload limits numbers of websites as well. We have others that work here that help me so Bat is no longer something I can not tell clients to use BAT as we normally set up their websites for them. and then Upload restricts my personal account.

Yup. They will be stored locally on your Device.

There is an indirect way of knowing this. Basically after the 5 days, it will have 2 outcomes, on the devices which aren’t actually connected, it will ask you to do a captcha and after doing so, it will give you your BATs (Local Wallet).
But for the verified devices, it won’t ask for the captcha and the money will be directly added to your Uphold Account (Online Wallet).
Keep a look into this.

ItzMe …

Thanks for your reply. I will watch to see what happens when BAT are distributed later next week.


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I know BAT payouts are processing so numbers shown in browsers today and over the next couple days are likely to be highly volatile. I’ll wait patiently until things shake out.

I also appreciate the responses to my questions re. how it’s possible that more than the allowed number of my BRAVE instances are showing up as “Verified”. Once again, I’m willing to be patient and to see what spills out. Though I’ll say again that the whole BAT accounting process leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

BUT … and notice it’s a BIG but …

As of the the last couple days, Brave on my main desktop system, quite possibly one of, if not the first of my multiple Brave instances that was verified when Uphold wallets were made available, is no longer verified. How is this possible ??? Or, to be a bit impolite … WT* ??? The forum doesn’t allow me to add the “F” to that acronym.

Sure, there have been instances when a connection between a browser instance and Uphold became “broken” but it was a simple matter of logging in again and “et voila”, all is well. When I tried to “fix” this problem by clicking on the Uphold link in the BAT summary, I was told I was at the limit of browser connections and that this instance was not being let in.

Again … Huh ??? WHAT ??? Are you kidding me ???

This is just bizarre and I can’t wait to see what happens when BAT are distributed. What will be posted to my wallet? From which browsers? I “think” there might be a way to tell what’s going on, but can I trust any of it?

Like I said at the outset, I’ll wait and see what happens over the next few days, but I thought it important to note that suddenly, a browser that has been verified for MANY months and months, that is, along with my phone, one of the two most prolific generators of BAT, is now UN-verified.

If the “solution” to the “imagined problem” that I had – what appeared to be – more than the allowed limit of verified browsers was to dump / disconnect one, at least have the decency to allow me to control which gets dumped.

I’m sorry for the long rant here. I really really like the Brave browser platform and privacy philosophy. I really really like that we, as users, are being rewarded for our attention, meager as that reward may be, it’s infinitely better than nothing. I recognize that, at the end of the day, this is tempest in a teacup since the the (meager) rewards amount to a cup of coffee or two per month … we’re not talking about serious money here, at least that portion of money that flows to me / users. But this is crazy and begs the question as to what other issues may be lurking that are not so easily visible.

Thanks in advance for your patience and responses.

PS & BTW … feel free to move this to a new topic if needed. I’m sorry if it feels as if I’m hijacking this one.


Every device gets disconnected every 3 months. Just reconnect it.


Thanks, yes, aware of that. That machine has been verified since, well, forever, since it was first possible to do so, and I have periodically refreshed it when prompted. Never had a problem with reconnecting it.

In this instance, however, when I tried to do that it told me that I had reached the limit of devices. Perhaps related to what I posted above about >4 instances “claiming” to be verified.

Now it doesn’t offer that option, it’s telling me to “Claim Rewards”. Fine … haven’t done that yet until this is sorted, but … so is one of the other machines that wasn’t “really” verified before (according to your previous reply), NOW verified? And if so, how do I get my main desktop back into Uphold??

And how is this possible anyhow since I’ve been reading on multiple threads that there is NO WAY to remove a machine from the wallet to make room for different browser installations ?? !! ??

I must continue to say that this whole thing with wallets, limits, inability to control instances, etc. is frustrating at the least, slightly more colorfully described at best.


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The device limits are put to prevent people from farming BATs. But it is frustrating for people like us.
They are working on a way to remove our old devices. But not sure when it will be released.

And I really don’t get it how that happened to you since I haven’t experienced a wallet getting unverified, it just gets unlinked for me which can be linked back again.

I will let you know if I have any further leads.

Never had it happen to me either. Something new under the sun. Never fails to befuddle!

Thanks ItzMe for looking into it.

I’m guessing there’s no word as to what happened, why, or how to undo the fact that my main browser has been ejected from Uphold. :slightly_frowning_face:

It’s happened to a few people. The devs are looking into it.

Righto, thanks. It’s always good to hear one isn’t unique in these regards. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I went ahead and bit the bullet today to set up a Gemini account for that browser, one less thing to think about and besides, I may need additional “slots” in the future in any case. Not that improving the slot management shouldn’t be a priority for a future fix mind you! :wink:

Thanks for all your help.


Well, i am sure they go by wallet id or something. And every device has a different one.
New windows install, new wallet id.
And there don’t seem to be a workaround. Like backing up all brave files and pasted them back in after fresh installs if windows for example.

But yes. This needs a rapid solution. I only use 1 PC and 1 phone with brave. And the limit within a year by just setting up fresh windows installs twice.
4 connections is just horrible. Especially when old connections that are not active will just linger forever without a way to clean them up.

@VictorZ Take a look at this thread, especially the instructions from Mattches:

Thanks for the thread link. I’ll look into that however since I’ve just gone ahead and verified that browser with Gemini at this point, I’m not sure it’ll be of much help / use. Gemini verification / linking went through smoothly … once Gemini set up completed fully which took a few hours and appears to be critical since it didn’t work until that point.


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Until you hit the device limit again in the future :smiley:

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