Confused about Profiles and Wallets

Hi, I am confused about profiles especially in relation to wallets. I’ve tried to research by searching topics on this forum, using Brave Help Center, reddit, and github and I am still confused!

In my case, I have one device (PC) and one installation of the browser. When I create a new profile and activate rewards, I get a new wallet id.

  1. Can I link the newly created profile to the first wallet if I use restore?

  2. If I can use one wallet with multiple profiles, will the wallet be “synced” across profiles? In other words, if I have multiple windows open with multiple profiles and an ad comes through, will the wallet display for earned BAT be the same across all profiles?

  3. If I can link multiple profiles to one wallet and the one wallet is not synced across all profiles, at the end of the month, will all BAT earned in all profiles be accumulated and processed for payment?

I know, these questions 2 & 3 will not be relevant if the first question is a “no” just putting them all out there. lol

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