Confused about Brave VPN on Android

I can’t find the toggle for Brave VPN on Android.

I have it in the Nightly version, but not regular Brave. I also can’t find any info on Subscribing. On my Google Play store subscription page it just tells me my trial will expire on the 6th of next month, and it’s for the Nightly version. But, It doesn’t let me change my subscription.

I’m on Android 12, and in Japan (if region has anything to do with it).

Same here I have brave 1.38 both nightly and beta on android and linux, not vpn toggle switch

I’ve been trying all night to figure out how to get the VPN on my Android app. I have both the beta and regular version of brave and I don’t see any way to toggle it on or off or even subscribe to anything. It’s been a nightmare trying to find any information on it through the brave website hopefully you guys find something out

It’s in the settings bit on my Nightly, but not in regular Brave. It’s dumb how there’s basically no info about what it’s actually available on, and annoying how they claim it’s on Android but obviously isn’t.

I have it in the Nightly version. But, I don’t know how to extend my subscription. I actually want to buy a subscription too. I’ll probably end up spending my money on a service that actually wants it though at this rate.

I hope you find some info too.

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