Conflict on Brave Shields vs uMatrix!


I’m experiencing a weird behavior loading some websites. This issue happens more often in these two websites, which I use regularly: and Other sites seems to be OK!

I reached the conclusion that the problem is between Brave Shields and uMatrix extension. In the past never had this issue! Have tried these steps:

  1. Reset uMatrix -> Didn’t solved the issue!
  2. Removed/Re-install uMatrix -> Didn’t solved the issue!
  3. Disable uMatrix (Shields ON)-> Solved the issue!
  4. Disable Shields (uMatrix ON)-> Solved the issue!

Have you guys encountered any such problem?


MS Windows: Windows 10 Pro 1903 (64-bit)
Brave: Version 0.69.135 Chromium: 77.0.3865.120 (Official Build) (64-bit)


This problem seems to be related to: Upgrade connections to HTTPS. It happens on other websites too. Disable this option resolve the issue for the moment. Also tested on Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit), same result.

What filters are being hit/used in uMatrix?

uMatrix is on default status, except that I removed host files. This issue is happening, in most cases, on HTTPS pages.

Maybe I’ll try to install the Beta version or an old version of Brave for testing.



I found that bookmarks is the key of this issue! These bookmarks are imported from Firefox. For some reasons, which I don’t know, these URLs are in HTTP format and not HTTPS. To test that, I created another bunch with new fresh URLs directly in Brave, which are currently saved automatically in HTTPS format. At this stage the “Upgrade connections to HTTPS” is not required. :slight_smile:

My video-test

Just for info, these bookmarks they have been before, but I haven’t noticed any such situation!

Interesting, I wonder if the http prefix is the issue. I’d just check the https and www bits. Or just manually readd some of the bookmarks

Managed to “fix” this issue only by updating my all bookmarks. Changing http to https was the noob solution on this. :slight_smile: No other way! Maybe uMatrix itself has its own problems.

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