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Hello, I would like to open this new topic regarding the referrals of the brave browser since nobody responds by email, I have been using this for months and recommended the browser to 8 colleagues from the United States, but when confirming those referrals I realize that I They have stolen since they have placed them in the wrong country, I wonder if they are becoming scammers, is there an error, could you tell me what happens?

And you see all of them in downloaded and installed section under group 1?

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They should all be in group 1 because they are friends from the United States, but as you can see, they were not placed in other countries, so do you ask if there is any type of sca. m?

No, im asking you to click on downloaded and installed section to check in which groups are there


without a doubt something is wrong all my referrals are from the united states, they should all be in a group 1

That’s why I would like an administrator to pay attention to my case and help me solve this problem, since by email support no one responds

On first screen, you have clicked on confirmed tab and you see stats for each group…click same way on downloaded and installed

I can’t understand you pass me a photo

You uploaded photo here, please check that. When you click on confirmed you see stats for confirmed, when you click on installed, you see stats for installed, open your publisher account and try…

Here is the photo but as I told you friend, all my confirmed son, my friends from the United States, only they recommend them, I do not understand why they will put them in another group if I should be in group 1, you know who can assign my case more thoroughly.

I guess this is an automatic action and most probably they were connected from foreign IP addresses (at least this would by one of the criteria how to decide which group should be used)

that seems like a total excuse many of my friends present the same problem

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