Confirmations take time to accredit

Hello to all the brave team, for more than 8 days I have several confirmations but they have not yet been accredited, how long do I have to wait for them to be accredited



is this similar to this topic? If yes I suggest you DM as per request in thread

My problem is not that they confirm me, my problem is that I do not have accredited those confirmations @obrndk

not sure what you mean to be honest. Sorry

@obrndk don’t worry buddy, I can only wait for some support response and know what happens

We have an issue with Publisher balances right now that the team is actively working on a fix for. If you’re still seeing the incorrect balances on your end, please be patient and we ill have everything sorted out as soon as possible. Thank you.

Good companions @Mattches @steeven, the payment report is already being generated and still does not credit me 10 confirmations yet.
Will that problem be solved by payday?

Hi @dwcaos - there is a freeze period the first week of every month. If the confirmations were calculated during this week, then the accredited BAT will post on the next payment.

Hi @steeven why does it come out like this?

Hi @dwcaos - the payout is currently being generated.

Hello @steeven because it appears to me like this, if it should have approximately 720 BAT. ?

Hi @steeven @Mattches @cory When will the other missing confirmations be credited and when will they be paid?
Will this happen the following months that confirmations are missing and not paid on time?

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Hi @dwcaos - if the confirmations were credited during the freeze period, then they will payout on the following payout. Ping me on Tuesday the 9th if you don’t receive the correct amount.


hola @steeven porque me sale asi los creditos no deberia tener mas

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@steeven @Mattches @cory Does that mean that they should pay me the 10 confirmations that are still to be credited to me this 9 even if I get the incomplete bats?

Or do I have to send you a direct message and wait for next month?

Hi @dwcaos - If I’m understanding you correctly, then those confirmations will be paid out as a part of next month’s settlement.

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