Confirmations for ancient months updated, why?

if i was marked for 90 confirmations on may and in luly this value was changed at 100, there is a problem

We’re back to the start; where/how are you detecting that May confirmations were changed from 90 to 100 at a later date?

put a screenshot of the place where you see that the bat increased from 90 to 100, this will help you understand better because it really is a bit confusing, it is just a suggestion and explains for example … "here where it says 100 before it said 90 and I want to know the reason etc etc "is just an example and my humble opinion

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I saw it in logs, look at yours server said me this informations

I’m not dev in Brave but I’m talking with a dev…
If you look at logs you will see lines like this:

[09 sept. 2020 à 1:22:52,5] URL Response:
  Response Status Code: 200
  Body: [{"month":"2020-09","transactionCount":"132","balance":"1.635"},{"month":"2020-08","transactionCount":"407","balance":"11.54"},{"month":"2020-07","transactionCount":"250","balance":"12.9"},{"month":"2020-06","transactionCount

I don’t understand why person who develop that don’t understand what i’m talking

before it was :

[20 juil. 2020 à 2:07:30,9] URL Response:
  Response Status Code: 200
  Body: [{"month":"2020-07","transactionCount":"107","balance":"5.45"},{"month":"2020-06","transactionCount":"299","balance":"15.1"},{"month":"2020-05","transactionCount":"606","balance":"30.75"},{"month":"2020-04","transactionCount":"611","balance":"30.8"},{"month":"2020-03","transactionCount":"552","balance":"27.6"},{"month":"2020-02","transactionCount":"239","balance":"11.95"},{"month":"2020-01","transactionCount":"99","balance":"5.05"},{"month":"2019-12","transactionCount":"193","balance":"9.8"},{"month":"2019-11","transactionCount":"105","balance":"5.25"},{"month":"2019-10","transactionCount":"79","balance":"3.95"},{"month":"2019-09","transactionCount":"180","balance":"9.45"},{"month":"2019-08","transactionCount":"101","balance":"6.05"}]

I provided logs, so what’s happened ? @sampson :slight_smile: yes yes yes always me…

any updates please :slight_smile:

5 days and no answers, why ?

I’m looking into this for you, @hihouhou.

Just to summarize, the issue you’re seeing is changing values in historical entries from our API ( responses, correct? Regarding July, you saw only partial data for that month, so it makes sense a September call to the API endpoint would report higher earnings and more transactions for July.

I do see your point with May, however. In July, May was recorded as having 30.75 BAT and 606 transactions. In your September call, May is recorded as having 31.195 BAT and 646 transactions. If I am mistaken in any way, please let me know.

After speaking with the team, it’s likely this was caused by a change in how data is transferred from one part of the system to another. An older approach wasn’t fast enough, and could miss some records, so changes were made a couple months back to improve performance/reliability.

The next question is, what happens to the unpaid 0.445 BAT? Our payout process reviews historical activity, and makes sure any owed tokens are accounted for, and issued. As a result, those tokens would be distributed in a future payout.

Please let us know if you have any further questions. I hope this helps!

thank you for the answer so now no update for previous month ?

Since our process change was put into place, you should see few (if any) retroactive recalculations. Things should be considerably more accurate from that point forward. And, if any recalculations are needed, those rewards will be included in the next scheduled payout. I hope this helps!

ok for information since 1 or 2 days, api answered “Invalid Request”, no change from me so it’s you :frowning:

I don’t know what you’re referring to; the browser makes numerous requests throughout its time running. Which request is returning that error message?


Thank you for sharing. While I won’t be able to discuss this endpoint with you in depth, I do want to assure you that our team is monitoring system health and operations. We’re making sure all processes are working as intended, and if there are any issues, we will address them promptly to ensure Brave Rewards and Ads continues to work properly.