Confirmations for ancient months updated, why?

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I see updates about 2020-05 /2020-06, why ?

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just look my account

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I don’t know

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seems to be all supports

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transactionCount changed, so where are BAT added for 2020-05 /2020-06 if I’ve been already paid for these months ?

Can you elaborate more about your question/issue? Thanks

for my android -> 2020-05 increased to 106
for my windows -> 2020-05 increased to 226

Again :point_up::sweat_smile:
I’m not entirely sure about your question.

why my confirmations counter is updated for 2020-05 period?
when the counter is updated, where are BAT added for this period ?

Can you elaborate more? :point_up::sweat_smile:
You still not providing enough information for me to understand your question/issue.

Screenshot will be helpful too

If you don’t understand, sorry but ask to Brave engineers… @sampson @cory please

is it really too complicated ?

why is it so long for just an answer ?

@eljuno did you escalate ?

he is off till 1 oct

ok but he’s not alone, why don’t escalate if he can’t answer ?

idk and i see that he asked you to explain your issue as he did not get what you mean

if he doesn’t understand why explaining more with him, an engeener can understand directly

if you can not explain it to him then he would not understand what is the issue then he would not know how to help you or even forward it to the one who would help you

"confirmations counter is updated for 2020-05 period " it’s clear!

are you at support ? do you help me ? could you help me ? NO


You’ll need to be more specific, please. How are you monitoring confirmations? When did you notice a change to the recorded figures? Do you feel the recorded figures do not accurately reflect earnings/impressions for that time?

the value of confirmation’s number has changed for may so some BAT are missing, it’s my conclusion
It’s like you has been paid for 100 hours at may and after you received a pay statement with 110 hours where is the missing 10 hours ?

Individual ads may have higher or lower values, and you may notice increasing or decreasing values for ads (in general) from time to time. But any ad you receive/view, will have a fixed value (in BAT). No BAT should be missing in this regard. If you mean to say 20 ads earned X amount of BAT last month, but Y amount of BAT this month, that isn’t the same as saying “BAT is missing”. Different ads are worth different amounts of BAT. I hope this helps.